The Problem

You lack visibility into your company's operations and find yourself having to make decisions with incomplete information all too often. You get conflicting reports from different teams, which makes it difficult to know how your business is really performing. 



Introducing Quant

Quant is an data organization and quantification service that we can tailor to fit your business. It quantifies, scores, and ranks the important aspects of your business to help you easily see how things are performing, improve visibility into your operations, and facilitate your understanding of what's happening.

Quantify Customers Products Transactions


We quantify information about customers, products, and transactions over time, representing everything numerically. 

Score Business Performance


We assign intuitive, meaningful scores to every aspect of your business so that you can quickly evaluate performance.  

Improve Business Decision Making


We rank your customers, employees, products, and other entities according to their scores to help with decision-making.

What Quant Can Do

Our Quant service has practical applications in a number of industries. Here are just a few examples.

Retail and Ecommerce Analysis

Retail & Ecommerce

Quant can help your business record and track product attributes, pricing, inventory, sales, and returns. It applies customized logic to produce scores for each of these categories. It then generates rankings for each product overall and by storefront so that you know not only which products are performing best, but where and why. 

Finance and Investment Analysis

Finance & Investment

Quant can help quantify, score, and rank the performance of specific customers, portfolios, investments, brokers, and strategies. It can aggregate these metrics hierarchically and apply customized algorithms to provide visibility into how every component of the firm is performing so that you can quickly make adjustments when necessary. 

Staffing and Human Resources Analysis

Staffing & Human Resources

Quant can help provide unparalleled insight, evaluation, and tracking of job prospects, candidates, and employee performance. It quantifies text from job descriptions, qualifications, job responsibilities, resumes, and applications to help you identify candidates who are highly likely to perform exceptionally well in a given role. 


Interested in Our Quant Service For your company?