Project Program Terms & Conditions

Last updated Monday, January 9, 2017. 

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before applying to the District Data Labs Research Lab ("Research Lab"), District Data Labs Development Sprints ("Sprints") or the District Data Labs Incubator Program ("Incubator"). Our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy also apply to the Research Lab, Sprints and Incubator (collectively, "Project Programs").  The Terms on this page serve to extend and supplement the District Data Labs Service Terms of Use for matters involving the Project Programs.  
Binding Agreement. These Terms constitute a binding agreement between you and District Data Labs, LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“District Data Labs,” “we,” “us”). “You” and “users” shall mean all participants in the District Data Labs Project Programs. You accept these Terms each time you participate in the Project Programs. If you do not accept these Terms, you must not participate in the Project Programs. If you are under 18 years of age, you represent and agree that you possess the legal consent of your parent or guardian to access and participate in the Project Programs.  
Revisions to Terms. We may revise these Terms at any time by posting an updated version. You should visit this page periodically to review the most current Terms, because you are bound by them. Your continued participation in the Project Programs after a change to these Terms constitutes your binding acceptance of these Terms.

The “District Data Labs Project Programs” means the data science project incubator program, the research labs, development sprints, and any associated software, applications, and services under District Data Labs' control, whether partial or otherwise, used in connection with providing the services provided by District Data Labs. The District Data Labs Project Programs provide a platform for collaborative application development, projects, and research opportunities as well as a number of services to view  information online about projects, teams, and team members (collectively, “Projects”).  Together with our mentors and faculty advisors (collectively, “Faculty”), District Data Labs offers project structure and guidance by which data science and technology can be leveraged to create industry-changing products and services. District Data Labs will also permit the community of users of the District Data Labs Project Programs to engage in discussions and communications with one another and with Faculty. 
Application to Project Programs. You may apply for Project Programs using the District Data Labs Service. Application to Project Programs does not guarantee acceptance.
Property Rights and Licenses.  The outcomes of the District Data Labs Project Programs include but are not limited to: projects, products, services, companies, intellectual property, information, software, computer code, papers, blog posts, and other content (collectively, “Program Outcomes”).  Program outcomes that involve software source code, components, notebooks, and other executable formats (collectively "Software") must be hosted publicly on a software version control system such as GitHub. All Software are to be licensed under the Apache 2.0 Software License.  

Program outcomes that involve papers, blog posts, information, and data sets (collectively "Works") will remain the responsibility of the authors who must certify that any material does not include ownership of public domain data and technology, material not authored by you, or any third party material. For Works published by District Data Labs, the authors jointly grant District Data Labs the exclusive right to print, copy, publish, market, display, distribute, and provide access to the work in any form; create derivative works based on the Published Work; and license others to exercise the rights granted to us. 
Commercial Use. Program Outcomes may be redistributed or used for commercial purposes in accordance with the Apache 2.0 Software License
Remuneration. Contributors to Project Programs may receive remuneration in the form of commission on net revenues generated by Program Outcomes to which they contributed.  Remuneration is at the sole discretion of District Data Labs, dependent on the commercial viability of a project and agreement to additional terms of remuneration, and determined based on contributors' skills, experience, and contribution to the project. Contributors are eligible to receive remuneration for a period of up to one year from the date of their last recognized contribution to a project.  Contributions not recognized by District Data Labs will not be eligible for remuneration.
Not a Partnership. Acceptance into the Project Programs and assignment to a project team does not constitute or imply formation of a legal partnership. All members of projects participate as independent, individual contributors in those projects.  
Featuring Contributor Work. We may promote District Data Labs using the work you completed as part of the Project Programs, and you grant District Data Labs a nonexclusive license to use your name in combination with your contributions in any and all media in connection with District Data Labs' promotional efforts. Our use will be limited to promoting District Data Labs. District Data Labs will include your name and attribute the contributions to you.