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The 10 Biggest IoT Stocks


  • Amazon, for example, has the in-home Alexa smart speaker technology (consumer) and Greengrass software for helping process sensor data without a cloud connection (industrial).
  • Amazon's AWS IoT Greengrass is built to allow industrial devices to process data independently from the cloud, like the pressure sensor array connected to an oil drill pushing into the depths of the the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Other IoT solutions from Intel provide more intelligent and immersive classroom experiences, automate factories, improve patient care, and put the smarts in smart, connected vehicles.
  • Whereas QUALCOMM specializes in the wireless connections that form the backbone of the IoT, Analog Devices makes many of the "things" that form the Internet of Things.
  • From sensors and converters to transceivers and processing systems, Analog Devices' products exist at the industrial edge of the industrial IoT.

Detroit Has No Internet


  • Economists, business leaders, and policymakers may be well served to consider the case of Detroit, a major American city where internet connectivity currently eludes roughly 57% of the population.
  • Connectivity is indeed difficult to come by for many in Detroit, as 40% percent of the population in Detroit has no access to any type of internet, 57% lack a high-speed connection, and 70% of school-aged children have no connection at home.
  • Today, it is near impossible to access these social networks without the internet, and so many small businesses in Detroit simply cannot establish social capital and legitimacy, thus leading to a lack of resources and customers.
  • While the cost of high-speed internet is indeed prohibitive for many Detroit residents, many big telecom companies simply haven’t invested in expanding their network to many Detroit neighborhoods.
  • Because 5G can be installed with small low-cost connection nodes, large telecom companies such as Verizon are finally going to invest in the largely neglected city of Detroit.

$2 Trillion Smart Home Tech Market Fuels Huge Investor Profits


  • The revolution of smart home automation that connects a series of household devices via an internet or Wi-Fi connection, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT), is already changing how we live.
  • In real time, electronic data is continuously collected from smart city residents, their devices, all forms of transportation and all infrastructure that comprises the city, from buildings to water pipes.
  • Several of the world’s largest cities, including Singapore, Malaysia; London, England; Barcelona, Spain; and Amsterdam, Netherlands, already aim to embrace aspects of smart technology to help their cities’ government and citizens function on a higher technological level.
  • This REIT is on track to break ground in December to build a “first of its kind” mini smart city in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Whether these cities are established metropolises like Singapore or new mini smart cities like Bleutech Park Las Vegas, the technologies needed to help these cities function and expand exists today.

What is the Internet of Things? Why do we care?


  • This new internet is not just about connecting people, but it’s about connecting things, hence the name — INTERNET OF THINGS.
  • As we humans use our sense organs to see, smell, feel, taste and hear, similarly various sensors provide such abilities to these ‘things’.
  • There are a lot of things which were manufactured before the Internet of Things.
  • It is predicted by, that by next year, 30.73 billion devices or ‘things’ will be connected to the internet.
  • I believe that the Internet of Things is the perfect thing to collect a lot of data, convert it into wisdom and move the human race forward.

Smart Farming - Advantages & Interesting Facts


  • The on premise IoT platform as a processing model is an old-time classic solution for data processing at the ICT resources found at the environment of the organization that intends to use the information and knowledge gained from IoT data processing.
  • Data processing is carried out by ICT resources that are closely connected with IoT devices and drones for data collection.
  • IoT devices are the sensors, gauges and machines that are connected across a farm using Bluetooth, a cellular network, or some other type of connection.
  • More IoT devices allow growers to collect more data about the state of their farms, and IoT is showing great promise for optimizing resource delivery and driving precision agriculture to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a highly promising family of technologies which can offer many solutions towards the modernisation of agriculture.

Data Security : A Major Challenge in IoT


  • Low power wireless personal area networks and Routing protocol for low power devices are the two important protocols used in network layer of IoT.
  • There are many theories help to develop IoT network, such as communication between machines, wireless sensor network and Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networks.
  • Every network like IoT should possess three main security aspects in order to accomplish their task in proper manner such as availability, Confidentiality and integrity.
  • It gather information about normal behavior of system and after gathered information assign a threshold to the normal behavior if network goes over the threshold value it raise an alarm.
  • It is used in identifying previously unknown attacks by identifying the difference from normal behavior.Normal behavior of Network is identified using natural language processing and data mining.

IoT Payment Devices Are Poised to Transform Retail


  • As a result, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that simplify the shopping experience are set to change retail for good, according to recent data from Visa.
  • It doesn’t help that 90% of consumers lack confidence in the security of IoT devices, according to recent data.
  • We’ve turned to the experts to learn what IoT payment devices are, the security issues they present and why IoT payments matter for retailers.
  • IoT devices and payment terminals, on the other hand, rely on the security of the software that the device vendor has built.
  • If done securely, IoT devices can collect enormous amounts of data that companies can leverage to manage inventory, personalize products and provide better shopping experiences for customers.

Why The World Needs The Internet Of Trusted Things


  • The technology is at hand to transform the Internet of Things into what we at IoTeX call the “Internet of Trusted Things”.
  • Secure hardware, such as the type of secure chip found in most credit cards, can protect each physical device from duplication or imitation.
  • The Internet of Trusted Things can help us create a secure, prosperous, connected world.
  • The picture shows an employee typing on a computer keyboard at the headquarters of internet security giant Kaspersky in Moscow, Oct. 17, 2016.
  • Data created by devices on the Internet of Trusted Things would, however, be authentic and high-value by definition.

Critical essays (including mine) discuss Toronto's plan to let Google build a surveillance-based "smart city" along its waterfront


  • Toronto Life has run a great, large package of short essays by proponents and critics of the project, from Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff (no, really, that's his name) to former privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian (who evinces an unfortunate belief in data-deidentification) to city councillor and former Greenpeace campaigner Gord Perks to urban guru Richard Florida to me.
  • I wrote about the prospect that a city could be organized around the principle that people are sensors, not things to be sensed, that is, imagine an internet of things that doesn't relegate the humans it notionally serves to the status of "thing."
  • From census tracts to John Snow’s 19th-century map of central London cholera infections, we have been gathering telemetry on the performance of our cities in order to tune and optimize them for hundreds of years.
  • What if people were the things that smart cities were designed to serve, rather than the data that smart cities lived to process?
  • A smart city should serve its users, not mine their data Cory Doctorow/Toronto Life The Sidewalk Wars Toronto Life (Image.

IoT, System Integrators, and Smart Parking


  • In this month’s issue, I’ll cover the rise of IoT, the shifting role of system integrators in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, and our opportunity in the smart parking industry.
  • Over the course of the last decade, the rapid growth of IoT has led to the development of many connected solutions in a variety of vertical markets, including smart agriculture, utilities, and (of course) parking.
  • When looking at solutions to these issues, parking is a big part of the equation; this is driving demand for effective, connected parking management systems.
  • Having conducted dozens of customer interviews with parking providers, IoT solution providers, and other key stakeholders in this space, the ParkBot team has a deep understanding of the fundamental problems stalling the growth of the smart parking industry.
  • Using the ParkBot API, mobile parking apps and other outside applications can help users find available parking, enable mobile payments and parking reservations, and help parking operators maximize their parking revenue.

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