The Problem

You have data about your business, you have basic reporting on standard KPIs, but what you're missing are deep analytical insights that can be translated into actionable process improvements to give your business a real competitive advantage.



Introducing DeepDive

DeepDive is an analytical service specifically designed to help you discover new insights and convert them into action. It performs deep exploration and analysis on your data, extracts insights buried deep within your systems, and generates tactical recommendations that improve the way your business operates.

Business Data Analysis


Deep exploration and analysis of from a variety of different perspectives to uncover hidden trends and patterns. 

Data Exploration and Insights


Valuable insights about every aspect of your business: products, customers, employees, sales, expenses, and more. 

Data Strategy and Business Improvement


Strategic overview of findings and actionable recommendations that help improve your business processes.

What DeepDive Can Do

DeepDive has practical applications in a number of industries. Here are just a few examples.

Data Analysis for Education

Education & Training

DeepDive can analyze assignment, content, student, course, teacher, and school performance data and produce deep insights about each so that you know exactly what assignments students are struggling with, which teachers are teaching most effectively, and what school departments need the most improvement. 

Data Analysis for Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

Quant can quantify, score, and rank the performance of specific customers, portfolios, investments, brokers, and strategies. It can aggregate these metrics hierarchically and apply customized algorithms to provide visibility into how every component of the firm is performing so that you can quickly make adjustments when necessary. 

Data Analysis for Service and Hospitality

Service & Hospitality

Quant can provide unparalleled insight, evaluation, and tracking of job prospects, candidates, and employee performance. It quantifies text from job descriptions, qualifications, job responsibilities, resumes, and applications to help you identify candidates who are highly likely to perform exceptionally well in a given role. 


Interested in implementing DeepDive at your company?