District Data Labs Incubator

Gain hands-on data science experience and mentorship
creating a data product with impact.

The District Data Labs Incubator is centered around building data products. It is a structured, 3-month project development program where students and professionals located in the Washington DC metro area work on data projects together. Each 3-4 person team is carefully assembled to contain a mix of quantitative and technical skills. Once a project is selected, team members build a data product together over the course of the three months. 

Unlike other project-based programs that leave you to your own devices, District Data Labs provides structure around the projects, including:

  • Providing guidance and resources in data analysis, data application development and deployment, and project management.
  • Finding mentors to help with technical implementation and product development.
  • Giving your project exposure to the data community.
  • Paying for approved project expenses.
  • Helping you learn about the rapid-cycle pace of creating, sharing, and iterating on your data product with your team, other members of the Incubator, and your mentor. 
  • Providing support throughout the duration of the incubator to ensure you are learning as much as possible while also making headway on delivering your product.

In short, we do everything we can to ensure that you and your team are a success!

Who The Incubator is For

The DDL Incubator is great for people who identify themselves (or would like to identify themselves) as:

Data Analysts
Data Scientists
Software Developers
Project Managers

The DDL Incubator Experience

The Incubator kicks off with Orientation, during which you’ll meet your team members and lay the groundwork for a successful three months. You’ll also meet your mentor, and create a rough plan of action. From there it’s time to rock and roll.

During month one, you'll work with your team on developing your data product. Every two weeks, you will check in with your instructors to ensure you are staying on track and overcoming any potential obstacles. You will also communicate with your mentor to understand the question you are answering. At the end of the month you'll present your minimum viable product, or MVP, to your fellow incubator participants.

During month two, you'll continue to build your data product. The bi-weekly check-ins and regular discussions with your mentor will continue to provide crucial feedback on your product. At the end of the second month, you’ll rejoin the other groups for a second show-and-tell.

Everything leads up to Pitchfest, during which you’ll present your finished product to the data community, and graduate from the program. The team with the winning product takes home a trophy and never-ending glory!

Projects Completed by Our Students

Here are just a few of the data projects that have come out of the District Data Labs Incubator. 

Patent Examiner

An intuitive web application for researching patents and visualizing graphical relationships between them. 

Detailed Economic Window

We all wonder how or if economic opportunities in our area are expanding. The Detailed Economic Window (DEW) is a platform helping you better understand these trends in your community. 

Economic Mash-Up

Discover Business Opportunity from Census Data. EMU is designed to make your startup planning easier, smarter, and data-driven. 


Your project could be the next one featured here!

Incubator Tuition

The total cost of the program is $300, which is due upon acceptance of your application.

Applications for the Incubator are currently closed.