DAta Science Corporate Training

Employees are your company’s most important asset. They possess tactical expertise, and they do the work that keeps your business running from one day to the next. They make dozens of small decisions every day that have the potential to significantly impact your business.

It is important to invest in your employees so that they can continue providing as much value as possible, and the ability to work with data and extract insights are some of the most valuable skills they can learn. The more of these critical skills they possess, the better they will be able to access and process information, the better decisions they will be able to make, and the better your business will perform.

Our Offerings

We are District Data Labs, and we can help equip your employees with the analytical and technical abilities they need. Our corporate data science training will raise the skill levels of your team, as we teach them how to leverage the latest tools and technologies to work more efficiently, produce improved results, and arrive at better data-driven decisions.

Our team of instructors are knowledgeable about all aspects of data science, analytics, machine learning, numerical & statistical computing, and big data technologies. 

Some of our Course Offerings Include...



Programming (R or Python)

data ingestion and wrangling

Data Ingestion & Storage

data visualization

Data Analysis & Visualization

machine learning

AI & Machine Learning

network graph analytics

Network Graph Analytics

natural language processing

Text Analytics

Additional topics and custom courses available

Quality & Experience

We have successfully taught hundreds of people from dozens of companies how to use modern tools to analyze the data they work with, produce insights, and develop innovative data products.

Here are some of the things They have said about our Training. 

We would be happy to put together a tailored curriculum based on the specific needs of your organization. Pricing for our corporate training services varies based on the subject matter, the number of people attending, and the number of sessions required to cover the material. To get a free customized quote, click the button below.